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Basic Toolkit

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Need Enterprise Solutions?

If you have a large scale organization that wants to create an integrated sales funnel from initial customer contact all the way to the purchase, our Enterprise Solutions can help. Here are some of the tools available:

• Corporate Websites
• API Access
• Custom Fireplace Builder Tool
• Augmented Reality Fireplace Placement Tool
• National Lead Distribution and Management
• CRM Integration

• Custom Syndication Web Script
• Custom Branding
• Custom Reporting
• Self-Service Kiosks
• Signage & QR Codes
• Custom Estimate Builders

Online Estimate Generator

Plug this tool into your existing website so customers can get accurate estimates for their projects 24 hours a day.

Sales Dashboard

Nurture more of your open leads into closed sales by using this tool to track opportunities and move them through your pipeline.

WhyFire Pro Estimate Generator

Equip seasoned professionals with this estimate tool to bid out custom fireplace jobs in under 60 seconds.

Coupon + Automated Emails

Follow up with customers automatically—and send them custom coupons—to close more sales without lifting a finger.

POS Integration

Integrate WhyFire with your existing POS or ERP system to create a seamless workflow from the moment you greet the customer to the time of purchase (limited to POS and ERP API access).

Employee Estimate Generator

Standardize your showroom sales process with this simple estimating tool that helps customers (and team members) find the right products and write up instant estimates.

Automated Deposits

Add a payment link to every WhyFire estimate so customers can buy from you 24 hours a day.