Simple sales tools that help hearth retailers 
save time and make money.




We know it's hard to focus on sales when you’re being pulled in every direction.

Most retailers have a website that leaks money—but it’s an expensive hassle to get a new one.

Many businesses have an estimate backlog that stifles sales—but there’s not enough time to catch up.

Most sales processes break down as companies grow—but it seems impossible to fix them.

can help you:

  • • Create a customized website that’s simple to set up and makes sales for you.
  • • Equip your team with estimating tools that make it easy for them to sell more.
  • • Standardize your sales processes and digital funnels—at scale—through our enterprise solutions.

I never would have known that prime fireplace shopping hours are 8pm-11pm until I started using WhyFire. Nearly every night, I have estimates pulled and appointments booked through my website. It serves my customers when I’m unable to.”

—Ryann Blake (Owner, Chimney Techniques)

Here's how to get started.


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them for your


Use them to save time and make money.

“WhyFire has been the single best tool I’ve ever used over the course of nearly two decades in the business. My customers can get quotes, schedule appointments, and apply for financing—and not one person on my staff has to lift a finger. Oh, and WhyFire follows up with customers for me.”

—Peter Parsons (Owner, The Tin Man Inc.)​

WhyFire helps you create prosperity and enjoy life.


Choose your base tool and add-ons.


Customize them for your business.


Use them to save time and make money.

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We know how hard it is to be a hearth retailer—because we’ve been there.

That's why we've:

WhyFire helps you take control of your business so you can create prosperity and enjoy life.

We know that you want to be confident in your business, and in order to do that, you have to have a sales process that gets results.

Now, in today’s market, there are two types of customers that interact with your business. There’s the customer who wants to come into your showroom, learn about a product firsthand, and be guided to a purchase by a person, and, there’s the customer who does all of their research online and only wants to deal with you at the last possible second—you need to be able to connect with both of them.

While their behavior may be different, these customers are more similar than you think. Both are looking for answers to the same two questions:

1. Which options are going to work in my space?
2. How much is it going to cost?

The problem is most businesses fail to answer these questions on their website, and in their showroom, and, as a result, customers buy elsewhere.

When a customer goes the average retailer’s website to find a fireplace, they’re typically greeted with all kinds of insider information and fireplaces arranged by categories they don’t understand (Zero-Clearance, Insert, Direct-Vent, Gas Log). On top of that, they have no way to tell what will work in their space—and no information to help them understand what their project will cost.

On top of that, our industry websites aren’t set up to follow up with visitors successfully… so many customers move on and buy elsewhere.

Now, this can make you feel like a failure—and it’s easy to think that things will never change.

But the truth is there should be an easier way to take control of your business.

We know how hard it is to prioritize the time that’s needed when the whirlwind of your business takes up every waking minute. That’s why, after working with thousands of customers and managing multiple retail showrooms, we’ve spent the last three years building WhyFire—software that saves you time and makes you money. 

Here’s how it works:

When a customer goes to your website, they click a link that says “Browse Fireplaces”. From there, they’ll enter some basic dimensions, answer a few questions and upload pictures of their space.

Based on this, the customer chooses a fireplace that will work for them and receives a customized estimate in their inbox with a price range for their exact project. Remember, You’ll have full flexibility on the pricing and can even choose how much of a range you want to give.

Next, The customer will receive their estimate, along with an email encouraging them to schedule an in-home appointment. This way, the customer can schedule at a time that’s convenient for them. (Our scheduling software syncs with your calendar, so you define your availability, and are never double-booked).

Throughout this entire process WhyFire uses a series of email campaigns that nurture the customer through every stage of the journey to the point of a purchase. All emails come directly from your inbox and include videos, testimonials and information to build a customer’s excitement about their fireplace project.

No matter what your sales experience is, WhyFire is going to equip you to succeed.

• For the new hire: WhyFire is a training tool that guarantees the right questions are asked
• For the experienced sales rep: WhyFire operates as a digital assistant to do work for them so they’re never bogged down and instead can focus on what they do best—selling.
• For the sales manager: WhyFire gives you the tools needed to finally manage their sales team
• For the business owner: WhyFire creates a simple and desirable customer experience that can be repeated like clockwork and scale up as your business grows.

WhyFire can help you create a simple sales system that focuses your business and helps you serve more customers than ever.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Choose the WhyFire package that’s right for you
2. Answer a few simple questions about your business
3. Get a WhyFire platform that’s customized specifically for your company and put it into action.

So, sign up today, and in the meantime, check out our video library to have all of your questions answered and see real-life sales videos of WhyFire in action.

Don’t go another year with an unreliable sales process and a website that leaks money. Rather, take control of your sales team, give them the tools they need to succeed, connect with more customers than ever, and be 100% confident that you’re doing the right things to move your business forward and stay relevant in this new economy.

Customized Company Website

Choose 1 of our 6 website templates as a starting point and get a new customized website for your company that works as a complete sales funnel by showing customers products that will work for their projects and getting them online estimates.

Online Estimate Generator

Plug this tool into your existing website so customers can get accurate estimates for their projects 24 hours a day.

Employee Estimate Generator

Standardize your showroom sales process with this simple estimating tool that helps customers (and team members) find the right products and write up instant estimates.

WhyFire Pro Estimate Generator

Equip seasoned professionals with this estimate tool to bid out custom fireplace jobs in under 60 seconds.

Sales Dashboard

Nurture more of your open leads into closed sales by using this tool to track opportunities and move them through your pipeline.

Coupon + Automated Emails

Follow up with customers automatically—and send them custom coupons—to close more sales without lifting a finger.

Automated Deposits

Add a payment link to every WhyFire estimate so customers can buy from you 24 hours a day.


POS Integration

Integrate WhyFire with your existing POS or ERP system to create a seamless workflow from the moment you greet the customer to the time of purchase (limited to POS and ERP API access).