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Buying a Fireplace Doesn’t Have to Be Confusing,

But It Normally Is…

Confusing Information

There are so many manufacturers out there with confusing information. How can I even determine what is right for me?

Difficult Pricing

It seems like no one can give me a straight answer on what my entire project will actually cost by the time it gets installed. It’s so frustrating.

Too Many Steps

It takes forever to find someone to actually come to my house and look at what I have. It know it shouldn’t be this difficult.

We Make It Easy to Find The Perfect Fireplace

We understand how hard it is to navigate all of the information that’s out there to find the right fireplace for your home. 

  • We Come to Your House
  • Over a Decade in the Industry
  • Installation Expertise
  • Service & Warranty Support
  • Thousands of Customer’s Serve

Where Do I Start?


Find the Perfect Fireplace for Your Home


Free In-Home Preview with a Hearth Professional


Easy Installation by a Licensed Professional

“Our home used to be cold and uncomfortable. Now that we have a gas fireplace, it’s a dream come true! I never knew that we could be this cozy.”
-Jessica, Portland OR

Love Where You Live

Be Confident in Your Decision

Warm & Beautiful Home

Your family will love making memories around the fireplace and your home will have never been cozier.

Cozy Family Time

Make memories around the fireplace with the people that you love. Family nights will never be the same.

Make Your Neighbors Jealous

Seriously, your friends and neighbors won’t be able to believe it. This new fireplace will make you feel like a baller.

How Do We Make It So Easy?

Find the Perfect Fireplace

Our Video Library makes it simple to find all of the information you need, that way you can be sure you are making the right choice.

What Is WhyFire?

Most homes have an ugly fireplace that’s wasting a lot of energy–but replacing it can be really confusing. We make it simple to find the perfect fireplace so you can start saving money and enjoy living in a beautiful home.

We know how confusing it can be to research for a remodel project and be left with more questions than answers. WhyFire eliminates the confusion associated with fireplaces and sets you up for success so that your family is warm and happy, not cold and frustrated.

WhyFire.com was founded by Tim Reed in Portland, OR. He has worked with fireplaces, gas inserts and stoves for over a decade and has helped thousands of clients find the right fireplaces for their homes. The WhyFire framework has taken his years of industry experience and turned it into a simple, online platform to help clients with their projects. Tim is regarded as a leading thinker in the hearth industry and has employed the WhyFire framework in his own team with great success. The reason being is that it comes from years of working with real people on real projects and getting them real results.

WhyFire.com will help educate you on what is needed for your fireplace installation through simple videos in their video content library. After that, you can customize your job specifically by entering in some basic measurements of your home and answering a few different questions. Based on this criteria, WhyFire will show you the gas fireplaces and gas inserts that can be installed in your home and the decorative options they include. From there, you can get an estimate emailed to you and book an appointment for a Hearth Professional to come to your home, answer any remaining questions and get your installation scheduled. WhyFire makes it simple for you so can enjoy your fire without the hassle.

Get the information you need so you can make the right decision on a gas fireplace or gas insert installation. WhyFire makes it simpler than you think. In about 5 minutes you can know what fireplaces will work for your home, have an cost estimate emailed to you and book an In-Home Preview with a Hearth Professional to answer any remaining questions for you. It’s easy to know what fireplace is right for your home, get started today. This is warmth on your terms.

“Our home used to be cold and uncomfortable. Now that we have a gas fireplace, it’s a dream come true! I never knew that we could be this cozy.”
-Jessica, Portland OR

“We love our new fireplace insert. We used to avoid sitting in the living room because that part of the house was so cold for much of the year. Now it’s our favorite place to hang out. They did a great job for us—from the first day in the store selecting the insert, to the final installation.”
-Stan, Beaverton OR

“When we built our sunroom, we had no idea how cold it would be in the winter—it had so many windows… …we installed a gas fireplace in the corner, and it was the perfect solution. Now we have a beautiful room with a fireplace that can be turned on and off depending on the temperature that we want.”
-Doug, Corvallis, OR

5 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Fireplace

Do You Want to Take Control of Your Job?


Avoid these mistakes to make sure that you get the best deal possible and a painless installation. This will eliminate:

  • Hassle
  • Headache
  • Frustration
  • Confusion
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Don’t Trust Anyone to put a Fireplace in Your Home

When you install a fireplace, you are putting fire in your home – on purpose. Make sure to work with an expert, not just any contractor. The safety of your family is worth more than that. Connect with a Hearth Professional to show you everything you need to confirm this installation is safe for your home.

Find the Fireplace that’s right for you and connect with an Expert today.