Learn what you need to do to make your website work for you by giving your customers what they need

Learn what you need to do to make your website work for you by giving your customers what they need

Don’t continue to flush thousands of marketing dollars away by sending people to a website that doesn’t help them.

Reason #1

Your website isn’t capturing
leads and generating

Reason #2

Your website isn’t scheduling
in-home appointments for
your sales team

Reason #3

Your website isn’t using email
marketing follow-up to pursue
your opportunities

The Money-Wasting Marketing Cycle

It’s like fishing with a net that has a giant hole in it!



Companies spend thousands of dollars in marketing to potential customers about their products


That marketing sends customers to a website that doesn’t engage them with the brand or collect any information for a lead


Customers leave the website with no connection to the brand and buy somewhere else

You Deserve a Website That is Working for You

• Learn exactly what customers are looking for when they come to your website

• Understand how to generate leads like crazy

• Stop your marketing from sending customers to someone else’s website

• Patch the hole in your net and spend less on marketing

• Turn your website into a money making machine

Tim Reed is the Retail Sales Leader at Fireside Home Solutions in the Pacific Northwest where he helps his team members make it so stupidly easy to buy from them that there is no excuse not to. Starting as individual salesperson in an empty warehouse, he has grown Fireside’s Retail division by millions (after cutting his marketing budget by 90%). Tim has been invited all over the country to teach companies how to market effectively to their customers and sell more than ever before. His YouTube videos, sales blog, and “Fire Time Podcast” have become a resource for the industry and are actively helping thousands of people rethink their paradigms so that they can grow their businesses in the changing landscape.


Tim learned “just enough to be dangerous” about sales, marketing, web development, and leadership from years of playing guitar in a failing punk band—which he swears has uniquely qualified him for his job today. Now considered one of the most innovative minds and compelling communicators in the industry, Tim uses his platform to serve others, helping them create clear messages that are wildly compelling to their audiences.


Tim lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Jessica, two children, Olivia and Luke, and his 90 pound Golden Retriever, Walter.  He still plays guitar in a failing punk band.